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Alaleh Hotel Of Dargahan is happy to welcome you!

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Alaleh hotel 1 is one of the best and most popular resorts of Qeshm Island. This hotel is near the famous commercial centers and renowned Qeshm Island is located, there is like two old market, dolphin, Pearl and ... Less than 5 minutes to the hotel. The hotel is also located near the Sea 1, Buttercup, and passengers can spend their time on the beach. This hotel good service quality and to provide its guests and can be an interesting experience for the passengers figure.

The number of Hotel َAlaleh hotel dargahan

  • Convenientand comfortablebed
  • LCDtelevision
  • Phone
  • Grmaishiheatingsystemandwith the capability of your preferredtemperaturecontrolotenzim
  • Refrigeratorwithminibar
  • Layouttable
  • Furniture
  • We haveChairand Dresserandtableclothesand shelvesof several
  • The requiredcontainers
  • The bathroomis equipped with adepth of service and thereforededicated electrical Spa

The most important centers of َAlaleh hotel dargahan with distance and access

Distance to airport :45 minutes by car


The distance to the other centers are:


Distance to airport: 40 minutes by car
Distance to the sea: 90 m
Distance to the entrance to the island with the laft Pier route from the port of pahl's personal car: 30 minutes
Distance to main town: 15 minutes
The distance to the cave of khorbes: 20 minutes

Special services

  • Digital tv
  • Internet in all the hotel
  • Special discounts for a stay longer than 4 nights
  • Breakfast buffet

The position of the َAlaleh hotel dargahan

Qeshm Island - Dargahan - The upper floor of the Negin market

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